An eclectic mix of Irish, country, folk, rock and blues

Meet the band...

Darren Everhart - vocals, bodhran, percussion


"The Moron with the Bodhran"

From a very early age, Darren had a love of music instilled in him. His Grandfather played banjo in a dance band and his father played trumpet all over Western New York, including a few weeks playing the bars in The French Quarter of New Orleans. Following in those footsteps, at the tender age of 13 Darren tried out for and joined his Junior High School Chorus. He sang bass for 6 years at Pine Valley Central School, and he also acted in numerous plays and musicals as well. At Alfred State College he continued performing in many stage productions, but he never lost his desire to sing. After settling down with a family, he was frequently found belting out tunes while doing the dishes, singing in karaoke bars, and muscling his way on stage with bands for a song or two. He also had the distinct pleasure of performing on Nashville’s Music Row while visiting The Music City. Then in 2000, at a school bus safety camp, he heard a remarkable musician performing for the attendees. That musician was Trace Wilkins. Darren was able to guilt Trace into letting him sing a couple of Garth tunes, and they struck up a friendship. For the next 4 years, Darren and Trace would meet up for gigs every once in a while. Then in 2004, they decided to form “EVERHEART” and the rest, as they say, is history. “This has been such an incredible ride. The fans are great, and I have made so many new friends. I hope it never ends”. Darren would like to thank his good friend Eamon McCormack of The Wild Geese for guiding him as he learned the ways of Irish Music. He thinks of him every time he unpacks his Bodhran, a gift from Eamon himself! Darren lives in Victor NY with his wife Jenny and their three kids Kiah, Logan and Abigail. Without their support, this would not be possible.

Trace Wilkins - guitar, vocals

Trace started playing an old beat up $7 guitar at the age of 12.  First song learned was Roger Millers "King of the Road".  Early influences included The Eagles, John Denver, The Beatles, Chet Atkins and Hank Williams (and they still are). He started gigging out at age 16 (with a better guitar) with the band Country Suede. In the mid-1990s, and a couple of country and rock bands later, Trace started playing solo gigs. In 2004, Trace helped form Everheart.  He continues to play over 100 gigs a year between solo, Everheart, and an occasional gig here and there with other bands. Adding Irish music to the mix was a major turning point in Trace's musical career as it opened up an entirely new and wonderful community and a myriad of new opportunities. Trace is grateful to so many people who, over the past 30 years, have supported his musical career. He couldn't possibly mention them all, but would like to offer a special thank you to his uncle Bruce Wilkins, who ignited the first guitar spark for him and taught him more than any other person ever has.   Trace lives in Bloomfield, NY with his wife DeNise and daughters Lauren and Nikita.  Finally, to all of our fans and followers who come out night after night to support us and party with us: thank you! You are truly the best!

Ken Snyder - guitar, bass, vocals         

Ken has been playing guitar since his high school days, playing in the high school jazz band and later in country bands while serving in the USAF. His influences include Eric Clapton, Eagles,  Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Beatles, Bob Dylan, and many more of the old rockers. Since moving to Rochester in 1981, Ken has played in church praise bands and also with the pit orchestras for the Gates Community Theater and Roberts Wesleyan Community College theater.  A few years ago, Ken began sitting in with the band Everheart.  This led to joining several other bands, most recently Irish band Wingin It with whom they released a CD ( The Boys Won't Leave the Girls Alone), and the rock, country band Lake Effect.  Now he has come full circle with the opportunity to join Everheart as their newest member.  "I am very grafteful to all my friends and fans who have supported me these last few years, and especially my friends in the Rochester Irish community."  Ken lives in Webster with his beautiful wife Jennifer.  "She has supported me right from my first gig and continues to let me do what I love most, playing and singing."   ( and buying guitars  !!  )