An eclectic mix of Irish, country, folk, rock and blues

w Everheart got its start...

Everheart features Trace Wilkins on guitar and vocals; Darren Everhart on vocals, bodhran and percussion; and Kenny Snyder on guitar, bass and vocals.  They are often joined by drummer/vocalist Carl Grillo and/or vocalist Janet Grillo. 

Everheart got its start in 2004 and the result was magical.  There was an immediate camaraderie and the unique blend of vocal harmonies, musicianship and bad jokes were a hit. They were an instant crowd favorite.

Everheart plays at select pubs, festivals and private events throughout the Finger Lakes and Rochester area but have been known to travel further should the need arise.  They play an eclectic variety of Country, Classic Rock, Blues and Irish.


When Everheart plays it's not just a gig - it's a party!